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kmusic_mirror's Journal

mirror stamping community for kpop celebs.
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Welcome to the kmusic_mirror community! It's a stamping community dedicated to korean popular music industry.
You will be able to get stamped as any of korean celebrities based on your appearance. The only thing you need to do is to post the applications with you own pictures and vote for others.
Any questions? Feel free to ask mods! We will be more than happy to help you (:
Have fun and please stay active :D
Remember: you can vote for any korean musicial from showbizness but include the picture of the person in your comment, in case others won't know who's that.

If you would like to promote out community a litte, you can find special banner here (:


1. Please vote on 5 unstamped application in order to post your own application. Place all 5 links in your application.
2. Post at least 3 pictures of yourself.
3. Respect members and mods. Don't say bad things about others. If you will, you will get banner right away.
4. We have different themes, going every month so pleasy be careful when voting. Check the theme before posting your vote.
5. Please bold your final vote!!
6. Insert something about mirror in your subject line so people will know it's a regular application, not a theme.
7. You are allowed to double-vote if you're confused.
8. Themes will be closed in the end of the month and re-opened during the re-stamp month.
9. Please do NOT sheep vote. At least not all the time. If you sheep vote all the time, we'll just start ignoring your votes~ just so you know :3
10. Tag your application as "!unstamped", please.
grimoire/piernik - founder & maintainer
sunnycheonsa - founder & ex-maintainer
lenkaxchan - co-mod
papercloud - co-mod
khadaj - co-mod
Credits can be found here.

Themes you can apply for;
Group Theme
Matchmaker Theme
Sterotype Mirror
Stereotype Personality
Voice & voice mirror
Style theme
MV theme
SHINee theme
Super Junior
Regular Application.
Current Theme
Profile Layout